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Michael from Texas



from Texas

Michael is a very animated and playful child. He loves mathematics and problem solving. He takes pride in his skills and says it's his favorite subject, and he does well in school. Michael is a very social child who loves to interact with his peers at school, or anywhere he's given the opportunity to interact with others. He enjoys visiting new places, being outside and riding his bike, as well as staying in to watch TV or movies. One of his favorite indoor activities is playing videogames. Michael loves animals and likes to play with them as well as help care for them. He would love the opportunity to have multiple animals in the home. Michael's favorite foods are pizza and tacos. He enjoys learning and being hands on while helping out in the kitchen during meal preparation time. He is the youngest of the sibling group. He looks up to his sister Destiny and adores her. Michael loves spending family time with his siblings.

Raymond, Xavier, Destiny, and Michael are a sibling group who enjoy playing games with each other. They are a very active bunch, who all have interest in playing sports and joining activities as they get older. Raymond, or Ramon, is the oldest and protective sibling of the bunch. His goal is to play basketball professionally or for college. Xavier is the second oldest of this group. He enjoys playing soccer and football and video games. Destiny is the only girl in the group, so she likes to get the attention of being the only sister but also loves to play her part in being a big sister to her little brother. Destiny is such an artistic girl who thrives when given the option to express herself with any creative material. Michael is the youngest of the siblings, he loves pizza and challenging himself educationally. All the sibling's love animals and being given the responsibility to help care for them.

Michael will benefit from a two-parent family with a mother and father or a single parent home. He will thrive in a family who is trauma informed, has patience, and a flexible schedule to encourage a smoother adjustment into his forever family. Michael's family will be kind, loving, and can consistently model appropriate boundaries. He looks forward to joining his forever family with his siblings. Michael will thrive with having an active family who are involved and encourage him to be involved in extracurricular activities.

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