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Nicole from Texas



from Texas

Nicole can be best described as spirited and spontaneous. One of her best attributes is her sense of humor. She is hilarious, witty, and extremely fun to be around. She loves celebrating birthdays! Some of Nicole's favorite pastimes and coping outlets are art, drawing, and painting. She loves interacting with others and staying entertained. Video games also are something Nicole loves as well, especially Minecraft. She enjoys listening to music and finds it helps her stay calm. She can come off as shy at first, but once she feels she can trust you, she is very outgoing and warm. Nicole has done well in finding her voice and being able to articulate her feelings in a healthy manner. Nicole maintains a relationship with older siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, and loves spending time with them. Family is very important to her. Nicole looks forward to being adopted, and it is her dream to find her forever family!

Nicole's forever family will be experienced and patient. Her family will encourage her to keep in contact with positive connections. Her family will provide a loving, structured environment. Nicole prefers there to be minimal other children in the home, but does well with young children she can be a role model to. Nicole's family will be committed to her and will love her unconditionally. Nicole's family will provide a lot of structure in order to help her feel safe and secure. Nicole is open to any two-parent family and has even expressed he dream family would be with two dads.

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