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Rebecca from Texas



from Texas

Rebecca is a very active and athletic girl. She has a strong passion for sports, particularly football. She relishes all things sports. Her favorite sports team is Texas A&M. Although she may appear to be a tom boy, she also enjoys playing with Barbie's and dolls. Rebecca likes to stay busy. Rebecca's favorite classes in school are math, science, and reading. Red is one of her top colors. Ramen noodles, spicy lemon, are her favorite food. She also enjoys eating menudo and spaghetti. Rebecca likes watching the Nickelodeon channel. Rebecca enjoys spending time with her older brothers, especially if it involves a pickup game of football.

Julian, Vincent, and Rebecca share a close connection, which is evident to anyone who sees them. They are an active and friendly sibling group who enjoy having fun together and making each other laugh. Like any siblings, they do have their disagreements. Julian is the eldest of the group and is protective of his brother and sister. He enjoys making others laugh and cooking. Vincent is quiet and very soft spoken. He shares a close bond with his older brother and enjoys spending time with him. Rebecca is also very quiet and shy, but once she is around her brothers, she is outgoing and talkative. It is evident she feels a sense of security when they are present. The children seem to share a love for different sports and enjoy getting together and playing a pickup game of soccer or football. These three are gifted and talented in their own special way. They are looking forward to opening their hearts to their forever family! Visit us at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

Rebecca is anxiously awaiting her forever family. Rebecca's ideal family enjoys being active. Rebecca wants a home where she can continue to be involved in sports. Rebecca is open to a home that has pets. She would prefer to stay in the state of Texas. Rebecca needs a family who has experience with raising children. Caregivers will be patient, proactive, understanding and flexible. Rebecca would acclimate better to a home that is structured.

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