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Sherrell from Texas



from Texas

Sherrell is a sweet and loving girl, moving into adolescence and engaging in typical teen activities like listening to music and checking out videos on Tik Tok. She enjoys makeup application and keeping up with her haircare. Sherrell also nurtures the little girl inside of her - she likes to play with her baby doll, taking her on walks in her stroller. Sherrell has many interests, such as dancing, singing and coloring. She enjoys spending time with others, especially eating out at different restaurants. She has a deep love for food and sampling various dishes, but pizza remains her favorite! It is important to Sherrell to be "heard", and she has worked hard to develop coping and communication skills. She wants to be a part of decision-making and will question rules she feels to be unjust.

Sherrell is looking forward to finding her forever home where she can be comfortable expressing herself and being herself. She will be happy and successful in a home in which her voice and opinions are valued while she still receives guidance and clear, firm expectations. Her forever family will be patient with her, give lots of reassurance, and will advocate for her needs. Her forever family will have outings and that allows her to listen to her music and draw for stress relief. Her forever family will be understanding of her desire to keep in contact with her biological family members in the future. She is very nurturing and protective of children younger than her but will likely do best as the only child in her home. She loves animals, so she would like pets. Her forever family will be dedicated to learning and understanding her and will love her unconditionally.

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