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Skye from Texas



from Texas

Skye is an adorable, sweet young girl. She enjoys playing with dolls or stuffed animals and dressing them up. She has a great imagination and plays "house" with her dolls and animals. She has an innate nurturing personality and is always the "mom" when she plays pretend. Skye likes to play dress up herself and try on new outfits. She likes to play games on cell phones or tablets. Skye is active and enjoys running and playing outside. She is very affectionate and likes cuddling and giving hugs to those she cares about. Skye likes to watch videos on YouTube, especially ones that make her laugh. She cares about others and likes to be helpful around the home doing chores. Her favorite foods include hot dogs and cookies. Skye has a big heart and is ready for her forever family!

Skye will require a family who is experienced in working with children with similar needs. Her ideal family will maintain contact with Skye's older sister, who is not a part of this adoption. Skye's family will be patient and nurturing toward her.

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