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Svenly from Texas



from Texas

Svenly says she is "very silly". She laughs often and is always smiling. She really enjoys teasing her sisters and her friends. She is very witty and likes to make people laugh. Svenly loves to draw, just like her big sister, and likes to color too. She also really enjoys playing video games. She loves stuffed animals and puzzles. She says her favorite food is enchiladas, especially when Rebecca cooks them for her. Svenly is the middle child but looks to both of her siblings for support. Svenly dreams of being adopted, but only with her siblings as they are all very bonded to one another.

Together, Rebecca, Svenly, and Erica can conquer anything. They rely on each other for support. They have lived together most their life and are very bonded. When together, they love to laugh and be silly in whatever they are doing. These girls know how to love and have a lot to give. They strive to live together and do not want to be separated. When the weather is nice, they really enjoy the outdoors. They like to get out and run and play. They also, enjoy going to the movies and shopping when they have to opportunity. Rebecca, Svenly, and Erica look forward to being adopted, together. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

The ideal family for Rebecca, Svenly, and Erica will be very nurturing and understanding of their past. The girls will thrive in a structured environment. They would love a family who will encourage them and support them and be very patient with them. Rebecca would like to have a single parent, male or female, but the other two girls are open to any family make up. Rebecca, Svenly, and Erica will do best in a home with no other children. The family does not need to have prior experience in fostering children, but will need to have trauma informed care training or experience.