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Terry from Texas



from Texas

Terry is a very happy, affectionate, easy-going baby who loves to be sang to, tickled, and play patty cake. He enjoys being soothed by being sang to. He loves a warm embrace and loves to be held and cuddled. Terry has a toothy grin that lights up a room. He likes to watch children's programs and enjoys floor time where he can practice crawling and exploring his environment. Terry has to eat pureed foods at this time, but he has a big appetite. Terry has physical, occupational and speech therapies during the week, and he is working very hard and making a lot of progress developmentally. He would be a terrific addition to a loving and caring forever family. He would benefit from having a family who can provide a lot of supervision.

Terry will thrive in a two parent household where caregivers support his progress in his developmental therapies day to day, and occasional visits to specialists. He will benefit from caregivers who have time to devote to his therapies and participating in therapy exercises in between sessions. Since he is learning to eat orally, he will benefit from patient and observant caregivers that celebrate the small success in Terry's daily life that help build a foundation for future developmental milestones. Terry's forever parents will be able to meet all of Terry's needs.

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