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Timothy from Texas



from Texas

Timothy is a happy child. He plays well with others, though he often prefers playing alone. Timothy loves playing with Lego's, action figures, cars, and watching cartoons. He also enjoys playing games and creating arts and crafts. Timothy loves attending school. He has a great understanding of words. Timothy is making great strides in school. He is learning to form letters and learning his colors. He is receiving speech services through his school. Timothy is a shy and bashful child. He avoids eye contact during initial encounters. However, once Timothy is comfortable with someone he will make a little eye contact for brief periods of time.

Timothy and his younger brother Robert have a strong sibling connection. They have been observed to possess a special language they speak between each other. Timothy and Robert are both diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Both brothers are making great strides in learning to speak and express themselves. Timothy and Robert are happy children who love one another dearly. The boys love attention from adults as much as they enjoy playing outdoors. Timothy and Robert are healthy, affectionate, caring, and enjoy each other's company. These brothers both enjoy going on family outgoings, exploring new and exciting things as well as learning about new places.

A two-parent or single parent family will best meet Timothy's needs. A family who is interested in providing a loving and patient environment is a must. His family will accept and provide for his needs.

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