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Dylan from Vermont



from Vermont

Dylan, 15 My Favorite Things: I like to ride bikes, ride motorcycles/dirt bikes, snowmobiling. I like being outdoors and most sports. I like football, basketball, Lacrosse and Baseball. I do not like sitting around. I like to swim, but only in pools. I am not big on swimming in lakes, ponds, or brooks depending on how cold they are. Things I do not like: I do not like fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes. Favorite Foods: My favorite foods are My Aunt Cindy’s steak, Pizza (though I only like sausage, pepperoni and cheese on my pizza, NO VEGGIES), and Burgers (especially Bacon Cheese Burgers). What I want in a family: I want a loving family; Either a mom and dad or a single parent. I would love to live on a farm (Dairy farm) or in a country setting. I want a family that likes being outdoors; that likes hunting, fishing and camping. I would like them to be involved in sports, except baseball. I would like to have a big dog. What I want families to know about me: I’m a good kid. I sometimes do well with routines. What we want families to know about the youth: Dylan is a charming, funny young man who would benefit from a family that will provide him with routines, rituals(scheduling), and a high level of structure in his day to day life. He loves being in the outdoors and would do well in a rural setting (his preference would be on a farm). Dylan needs a family that will allow him to grow and develop the skills to be successful in a supportive environment. He also needs a family that will support his connections to his birth family For further information about this child, please contact Mark Simino by telephone at 802-379-5086 or by email at