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Katlin from Virginia



from Virginia

Hi, my name’s Katlin! I’m funny, honest, helpful, and I care about others. My favorite things to do when I am outside are riding my bike and roller skating. I also like to play kickball, baseball, and basketball. I’m taking horseback riding lessons and really enjoy it! My favorite thing about that is getting to take care of the horses. I am also taking gymnastics and I love learning new skills. My favorite indoor activities are cooking, watching movies about horses, and doing crafts. Sometimes I watch football and basketball on TV. My favorite team to root for is the Miami Dolphins. My favorite books are those about horses. If I could go anywhere I would choose to visit Disney World. I also like to go to the beach. My dream day would be to go a Karate Studio. I would like a family who will take care of me, take me places, and help me with things. I want to continue to work on being able to calm myself down and control my anger. When I grow up I would like to be a teacher.