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Traverious from Virginia



from Virginia

Traverious loves anything outdoors. He enjoys fishing, yard work, and playing sports. Traverious also loves to play video games and watch TV. He mostly watches cartoons and will watch sports when he has someone to watch with him. He is very crafty and enjoys being able to make crafts independently. He has shown some of the drawings he has created and he is very talented when it comes to drawing. He likes to build things and expressed that he wants to possibly be a "builder" (Architect) when he grows up. Traverious enjoys going to Chuck E Cheese and gets a joy out of winning a lot of tickets so he can obtain prizes. Traverious's favorite foods are pizza and fries. His favorite drink is fruit punch. Traverious also enjoys going out to eat and his favorite restaurant is Golden Corral because he gets to eat whatever he wants and then get dessert. Traverious is a joy to be around and wants to one day be with a family that allows him to continue to do the things that he loves.
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