Rachel is an Asian American adoptee from South Korea. Her birth mother committed suicide three months after her birth and her birth father, struggling to take care of her, decided that the best decision was to place her in an orphanage for adoption. Rachel is grateful for her birth father’s choice and loves her family. She recently saw the documentary “Somewhere Between,” a film that follows four Asian-American girls adopted from China who go on a search and reunion journey. Rachel related with the girls, particularly with the feeling that adoptees, especially international adoptees like Asian Americans, often feel stuck between two worlds. She was inspired to reconnect with her birth family and finds her birth mother’s family.

The day of the reunion Rachel and her husband, Mark, meet her biological grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins. They were welcoming and presented her and Mark with traditional gifts for newlyweds from Korea. Talking to her grandmother brought tears to her eyes as she got to see a picture of her birth mom. Her grandmother told her how proud she is of her being raised in a Christian home and by good parents.

This is a sweet story about a girl who has a desire to learn more of her background to gain understanding of her difficult beginning. Rachel’s gratitude and positive outlook touches those who view her story.


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