217129_brokenheartThis post started out to be “Reality – Continued” but the real story here is that reality does, in fact, continue. This is a continuation of my story of “Frank,” a local older teen boy.

Frank entered the shelter of the voluntary program on a Wednesday night. The social worker assured me they would be on top of things to be able to give him some stability as soon as possible.  On Thursday, they got in touch with Frank’s parents, who agreed to sign over guardianship to the foster organization, effectively removing themselves from his life. I wanted them to fight for him. They didn’t. I think it was a very heartbreaking moment for him.

He returned to the shelter to await foster placement. I am happy to tell you that the foster placement will happen today. Less than a week after we put all the wheels in motion, he will get a place to stay where he can remain until he is 18. He will be loved and cared for. He will be appreciated. I am hoping and praying it all goes well.

Reality has been a hard course for Frank. He had a tough reality at home and now he is in a shelter with two other older boys and a family of 6 kids in crisis, including 3 toddlers. I think he thought our house was wild and crazy (it is) until he met this clan. I’m sure he will be exceedingly grateful to go to his placement today.

I worry about him though; the shelter is very restrictive — food is locked up, permission is needed for everything — but I think foster care will also be tough for him. He has never really had anyone paying close attention to him; I think the constant monitoring will take some getting used to!

He will be okay, but he is on a hard road. I am hoping for the best and very grateful, very grateful, for foster parents who have confidence with teens. That is SO not me!  If you are a person who gets along well with teens, please consider opening your home to a teen in crisis. These homes are desperately needed.

I am sure I will have more tales of Frank to come; in the meantime, please keep him in your thoughts as he is facing some tough realities. Thanks for the love.