People’s hearts are touched when they read pleas for adoption . . . especially when it’s a group of siblings hoping to be adopted together. Often, they then share that need over social media. Before you know it, even many who have never before considered adoption are drawn to these children.

Such is the case with a set of six siblings in Kansas. Having been split into separate foster homes, their biggest hope is to have permanency–together. The oldest of the six, Christian (14), lives a full 100 miles from his brothers and sisters. They are able to get together a couple of times a month, and when they do, Christian falls comfortably into big-brother role, assisting with coats and shoelaces.

Shortly after Lori Hutchinson’s report on WIBW TV in Kansas City aired, the video went viral. With tens of thousands of views and shares, many families are stepping up–hoping to become family to these children. The Kansas City Star reports that these children have had trauma in their early lives and need not only love and togetherness, but also parents who understand the difficulties and challenges that come with children of such a background.