Taylor Swift partnered with the Arizona Association of Foster and Adoptive Parents to invite over 2,000 Foster and adopted kids and their families to the final dress rehearsal of her “Reputation” Tour. The event was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium on Saturday, May 5. After the show, Swift hosted a giant pizza party for everyone. She spent over 4 hours with the crowd eating pizza and dessert and taking photos with the kids. A show of 500 hands revealed the event to be the first concert for many of them.

Kelli Dillon, who has adopted a child and is a foster parent, said, “the whole night felt like a dream,” and she took to Instagram to thank the singer “for shining a bright light in the lives of these kids and families.”

Dillon told CBS News, “I don’t think Taylor knows the magnitude of what she did for everyone there that night. Most in that audience have walked some terrible roads in their lifetime, so for those kids (and foster families) to be able to escape for one night like we did was unreal. We will never forget that moment.”

Swift’s heartwarming love of children was evident before she even arrived at the venue. Earlier that day, the pop star visited Isabella McCune at the Arizona Burn Center. McCune had sent a video message to Swift saying that she had hoped to make it to her show, but that she wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital. Swift showed up unexpectedly to Isabella’s hospital room.

Isabella explained that she likes to listen to her music during the rough times. Doctors have to put her in a twilight-like sleep for the 2-3 hours it takes to change her bandages over her burns. Swift gave her a bag of goodies from the tour and was all too happy to take photos and give autographs. She even wrote an inspiring message in the girl’s journal. It read:

“Isabella! I hope you feel better soon and I’m honored you’ve been listening to my music. You’re so awesome and I can’t wait to have you at a show!!

Stay strong, gorgeous
Love, Taylor Swift.”

Swift’s “Reputation” Tour kicked off May 8 in Glendale, Arizona, and will end November 21, 2018.