Whether it’s been years or a few weeks, the holidays for adoptive parents-to-be can be hard.

Here are four simple ways to support them during the wait:

1. Host a shower.

Whether the family is preparing to adopt a newborn, toddler or older child(ren), consider hosting a shower for them (for a list of gift recommendations for adoptive families, click here).

2. Connect them with other adoptive families.

Do you know other families who have adopted or are planning to adopt? Introduce them to one another. Adoptive families can offer irreplaceable support for waiting families.

3. Learn about positive adoption language.

Familiarize yourself with positive adoption language. Don’t ask about a child’s “real” family; instead learn to use more adoption-friendly words and phrases like “birth family.” The adoptive family-to-be will appreciate your willingness to learn and educate others about the implications of language surrounding the adoption process.

4. Give financially.

The adoption process can be expensive. Offer to plan or host a fundraiser for the waiting family. Or send them a contribution as a gift this holiday season to help offset the costs associated with the adoption process.