Why is adoption important for everyone? Who does it impact? Adoption has an impact on more than just the adopting family. Adoption is an act that not only impacts the child who is being adopted, but their family, extended family, and community.  It is also generational, as it will impact the future generations of the family.

First, obviously, adoption is important for the child who is adopted. In international adoption, the child is being adopted out of an orphanage or foster home and getting placed with a family. Children in an orphanage often do not receive the personal care or attention needed, simply due to lack of adequate resources. A family, giving love, personal care and stability, will help the child to thrive. In a domestic adoption, the baby is placed in a family to offer them a forever family for various reasons.

Adoption is also important to the birth parents. Placing a child for adoption is a very hard decision and displays a great love for that child. The birth parents will always remember that child and may later question their decision. The plus of an open adoption is that they will know their child is being well cared for and happy.

Adoption is also important for the adoptive parents. There are many couples who are infertile and long to have a family. Other couples have biological children but feel called to adopt. Some are single adults who want to be a parent. No matter what leads a family to adoption, it is a calling. Every family can use their adoption as an educational platform.

This platform is wide and comprehensive, extending over the community. You don’t have to adopt a child to value and have an impact on adoption. A family who has adopted can educate their community. They can teach their neighbors proper adoption language. They can teach their schools and teachers about effective discipline techniques for children who have experienced trauma. They can teach their extended family how to properly respond to negative adoption comments when in public.

Adoption is a concept that is very misunderstood in our society. There is just not much discussion or education in our country. Too often, the birth mother is seen as not wanting the child or people question why would anyone want an open adoption.  We must take the initiative and continue to teach how adoption is valuable and important to everyone.