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  • ...ed a daughter, and raised in Star, [[Mississippi]]. Her birth parents were unmarried, although they married later and had a son. big break with Take Me As I Am in 1993. Her second album was It Matters to Me in 1995 and she participated in The Best of Country Sings The Best of Di
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  • ...a. He graduated from high school first in his class but was too poor to go to university full time. ...through the chairmanships of several Senate committees, chief whip, etc., to become Senate majority leader in 1977-79 and 1987-88 and minority leader 19
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  • ...abandoned them, and he was raised by his grandparents, believing that his mother was his sister. He did not learn the truth until he was 37, when a Time mag [[Category: Raised With Birth Parent Without Knowing]]
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  • ...andparents in the village of Abbott, [[Texas]]. His grandfather taught him to play the guitar. He began performing in public when he was four years old. ...ade numerous best-selling albums, won three Grammy awards, and was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1993.
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  • ...ater he was sent to live on a farm because of problems between him and his mother. He owned the Detroit Tigers baseball team from 1984 to 1992.
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  • ...rights activist in Mississippi. Unable to raise him herself, she gave him to a white friend, also a civil rights worker, who adopted him. He has suffere "From Foster Kid to Funnyman: Tommy Davidson." [Includes portrait]. Available at: [http://www.f
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  • ...into television in 1992, starting in BBC children's programs, moving later to present the National Lottery, Bright Sparks and other programs on televisio ...|adoptive parents]]' support. They are glad they met her but have no plans to stay in contact, although they recognize that they might see her again some
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  • Ashcroft was German Jewish and Danish on her mother's side and English on her father's side. Both her parents (Violetta and William) died before she was 20. ...t-known actresses in the world. She won an Oscar for her role in A Passage to [[India]]. Her other films included Madame Sousatzka, When the Wind Blows,
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  • Aucoin was born to Nelda Mae Williams in Louisiana, and adopted at a month's age as the first ...didn't teach it - he was expected to be the teacher. Years of petty theft to obtain cosmetics stopped when he was 15 and realized that a boy would be ki
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  • he was five his mother had been murdered by her second husband, and his father was dead from alcoholism. ...enters, jails, etc., during which time he taught himself to read and began to write poetry.
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  • ...o be raised by her grandparents in [[Alabama]], although she still saw her father sometimes. ...42 with Skin of our Teeth. Her 1944 film Lifeboat was her best. She turned to television in the '50s with the early and very successful talk show The Big
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  • ...nheimer does admit to having had an affair with Bay's [[Birth Mother|birth mother]], whom Bay traced and met when he was 20. [[Category: Birth or Infancy]]
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  • ...ced for [[adoption]] at birth. She was [[adopted]] by a couple with a born-to son living in Manly, near Sydney. When she was nine her adoptive mother died of a post-operative brain hemorrhage. She and her brother were not put
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  • ...lm and an unknown man. When his mother died he was four years old and went to live in an orphanage for two and a half years before being fostered by a fa panning. For 10 years he worked until he saved enough money to return to Sweden for a visit, but just before leaving, it was stolen, and he started
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  • ...d to Queen Mary's Hospital, Carsharlton, then transferred six months later to St. Lawrence's Hospital, where he remained for the rest of his life. During ...e age of 10, also with severe cerebral palsy, and was the only person able to understand Deacon, because of his severe speech impairment. The third membe
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  • ...revelation? 'Yeah. I wet the bed.'" He never met his [[Birth Father|birth father]]. ...amed Fatty Towers, to cater for the obese (he himself weighs about 360 lb. or 163kg).
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  • ...optive father. He continued to have contact with his father, but after his mother died he did not speak for 2 ½ years. He became HIV+ during a period when h Brodkey, Harold. "To My Readers," Independent on Sunday Magazine [London], 27 June 1993, pp. 34-
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  • ...he was raised by relatives in [[Ireland]] while his mother went to London to train as a nurse. In 1964 he joined her in London. Brosnan is also an adoptive father: his son Chris Brosnan is a film producer.
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  • Brown was born to an unmarried woman who left her in an orphanage. She was soon placed with birth relative [[Category: Birth or Infancy]]
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  • ...council flat in Islington, London. Her childhood was happy in spite of her father's alcoholism. She had intended to be a music journalist but was redirected into acting after free weekend cla
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  •, Philip Burton, who, although too close in age to the boy by a few days to [[adopt]] him, became his [[Legal Guardian|legal guardian]] and gave him hi ...tury, but his life was saddened by several failed marriages (including two to Elizabeth Taylor) and drink problems. His films included My Cousin Rachel,
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  • ...]. He graduated from high school first in his class but was too poor to go to university full time. ...ayed in the Senate after 40 years until he passed away in June of 2010 due to health issues..
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  • ...then had five birth children. He felt an outsider in his family and began to abuse alcohol. ...yndicated cartoonist, famous for his wicked sense of humor and willingness to tackle taboo subjects and sacred cows.
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  • ...him to Heaven, where he met God face to face and was told he would be able to foretell the future. him controversial, he has a world-wide following and regularly preaches to congregations of tens of thousands. He heads two organizations: Morris Ceru
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  • ...nmarried girl of 16 and a Canadian soldier, and raised by her parents. His mother left home, returning in 1957, but for some years the fiction was maintained He got his first guitar when he was 14 and went on to become one of the world's greatest rock musicians, in the Yardbirds, Cream
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  • ...s named Mark, and there was also a cousin named Mark McManus - who grew up to become the actor who played Taggart in the British television detective ser [[Category: Estrangement from Adoptive or Foster Family]]
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  • ...asting shock, leading a nervous breakdown in her thirties. But she went on to become one of the most successful novelists of all time. Goodwin, Cliff. To Be a Lady: The Story of Catherine Cookson. (London: Arrow, 1995)
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  • ...on afterwards he was adopted by the Wiggins couple from Essex who belonged to the fundamentalist separatist sect, The Peculiar People. They adopted five the USA where he had to become a writer, something he had always wanted to do anyway, because he was refused working permit. His first book won him a
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  • ...fism. (He was adopted at birth because his mother was unmarried and unable to care for him; his achondroplasia was not diagnosed until he was seven.) ...hen work dried up in his teens, instead of becoming depressed he went back to school and college, graduating from Glasgow College in social sciences. Soo
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  • ...rn by her husband for being unfaithful. He and his older brother were sent to a Jewish orphanage, but he absconded. His experiences there influenced his [[Category: Exile or Persecution (religious, Political or Social)]]
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  • ...d to Queen Mary's Hospital, Carsharlton, then transferred six months later to St. Lawrence's Hospital, where he remained for the rest of his life. During ...e age of 10, also with severe cerebral palsy, and was the only person able to understand Deacon, because of his severe speech impairment. The third membe
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  • ...randparents, where he stayed until 1949. He then returned to live with his father in Los Angeles and started university. In the early 1950s he began to get acting jobs and soon became one of the best-known actors in the country
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  • Douglas was born to an 18-year-old unmarried girl in the northeast of England and placed for adoption in London as a bab ...of the Association of Directors of Social Services. In April 2002 he moved to become the director of social care for Suffolk County Council. He is also (
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  • ...beneath her. His mother died only six days after he was born, and his busy father gave him into the custody of her friends, the extremely wealthy and powerfu ...47 he went back to live with his remarried father and step-mother, but his father died in 1951. He grew up surrounded by the rich, famous and powerful, and m
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  • the War of 1812, a family friend to whom his father sent him after his mother died. [[Category: Unmarried Mother, Single Parent (Mother or Father) Unable to Cope]]
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  • ...]] there by an American family of Swedish heritage and emigrated with them to the USA when she was 10. ...he family moved to Minneapolis. She was excellent at the piano, but turned to singing in her teens. She studied in [[New York]] and Berlin, and made her
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  • a carpenter, and tried several other trades. Finally he was indentured to a newspaper owner when he was 14 and quickly learned the printing trade and ...decades fighting slavery, dedicating his journalism and publishing skills to the cause. He founded the Liberator, a famous abolitionist paper, in 1831 a
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  • ...spent 10 years in an [[orphanage]]. She married in 1907 but did not begin to paint until one of her sons died of influenza. ...cognized as a major figure in Brut painting ([[ART|art]] without precedent or tradition; [[ART|art]] by "outsiders").
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  • ...lings to live with relatives. There was a trial year when he tried again to raise them himself, but it failed and the children never heard from him aga an important financial figure and head of the Bank of England from 1898 to 1908, he is most famous as the author of The Wind in the Willows, first pub
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  • ...other died when he was six and he was then raised by his two sisters (born-to daughters of the Hammonds). touch with his working-class roots or his home town, where he continued to live until his death from a burst appendix.
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  • Dr. Haas was born to an unmarried woman in Detroit, [[Michigan]], and raised in Los Angeles, [[California]]. ...ho their birth parents are. As an adult he traced his [[Birth Mother|birth mother]], but she had already died, and he has also traced other members of his bi
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  • ...When he was one or two his mother died of cancer and his father, unable to cope alone, left him in an [[orphanage]]. After a few months he was adopted by a In 1997 he traced his father in [[Germany]] and met him in 1998.
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  • ...England. His mother emigrated to the USA and had another child by the same father, before marrying another man. ...doptive mother was herself abandoned in an [[orphanage]] as a child by her mother.
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  • ...equirements and he was adopted again, by a Scottish-Welsh couple who moved to North Wales, where he grew up as a Welsh-speaking boy. ...staying with his now-widowed adoptive father. He chose to remain with his father.
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  • ...9px|thumb|'''Edmund Kean as Sir Giles Overreach in Massinger's ''A New Way to Pay Old Debts'', b. 1816'''<br />Source:}} Kean was the son of a poverty-stricken actress, Ann Carey, who more or less abandoned him on the streets, and (probably) an architect's clerk, Edm
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  • ...ew husband. Their grandmother took [[custody]] of the children, and Keats' mother did not reappear until 1809. He grew up to become one of the greatest poets of the English language, even though he di
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  • ...loved, died when she was 10. Her step-father sexually abused her and tried to murder her when she disclosed the [[abuse]]. ...lish the influential feminist women's magazine, Lear's Magazine, from 1988 to 1993.
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  • ...died when he was three, and his father was an alcoholic. At seven he went to live with an uncle's family, and stayed with them until he was sixteen. ...of plural marriage, and was part of the flight to Winter Quarters and then to [[Utah]].
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  • ...estart the marriage, and unwanted in the new family of his mother and step-father, he was raised by his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George, who were childless. A you rock 'n' roll music. He met Paul McCartney in 1957, who introduced him to George Harrison. The band evolved into The Beatles (via Johnny and the Moon
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  • ...fe, Nicholas and Margaret Keyes and raised in Dalkey. He won a scholarship to grammar school and then worked in a film rental office and the Irish Land C ...rd, in 1956, was successful. In the 1960s he moved to London, but returned to live in [[Ireland]] in 1970 after a change in the tax laws. He is the most
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