Born on March 11, 1968, Liz Shrout is on the search for her birth mother. Forty-seven years after being adopted, Liz is hoping that finding members of her birth family may get some answers to questions she’s had for years. While not wanting to disrupt lives, Liz still feels that something is missing in her own life. After finding a DNA match, she heads to Western New York to see if she can locate a birth family member. In addition to satisfying her curiosity, finding birth family could give Liz answers to some of her medical concerns.

Anyone who may have a lead for Liz is asked to contact Channel 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Jill Perkins at, or contact Liz directly at

Having just celebrated Mother’s Day, Liz is acutely aware that there is a loving mother who placed her for adoption so she could have a good life. She would like to thank her birth mother.