One Omaha woman left a legacy in the form of over 150 children. The Omaha World Herald (OWH) reported the passing of a beloved Omaha community member Diane Kissinger, age 76. Not only did her generosity impact the lives of her four biological and five adopted children, but the lives of over 150 children whom she welcomed in her home throughout the years.

Many of the children whom Kissinger took in as a foster parent were permanently disabled or terminally ill. OWH noted that social workers would call her, knowing she would take in the children no one else would.

Speaking of her love for children, Kissinger’s son Cameron Baumgartner recalled fondly, “She felt every child deserved to be loved—regardless of their ability to give anything in return.”

In addition to her work as a foster parent, Kissinger founded Nebraska’s first accredited international adoption agency, Adoption Links Worldwide, which placed over 200 children into forever homes from 17 countries.

Kissinger also helped foster parents in Nebraska to form a union in order to demand fair pay and benefits. Kissinger took on many challenges and did not seem to shy away from much, this being attributed to her faith.

Kissinger’s other son Chuck Baumgartner noted, “‘Mom’s faith gave her an ability to endure situations many couldn’t have.’” Kissinger was actively involved in Lifegate Church of Omaha until her passing.

Kissinger will be surely be missed by the countless lives she impacted. Her legacy, carried on by her large family, will be remembered and cherished by all, especially the 150 kids whom she loved as her own.

The family plans to hold a memorial service tentatively set for September 7th. September 7 at 3:00 p.m. at Lifegate Church. For more information on the service, it is asked that all inquiries be made to For information on becoming a foster parent, feel free to explore foster care information here.