This remarkable memoir of a daughter who survived a failed abortion reads like a novel. It’s a page-turner that takes us into the head and heart of 14-year-old Melissa when she learns that her adoption happened because of her surprised birth after an abortion.

Having been raised in a loving, close family, the disclosure of this information left Melissa reeling and questioning everything she’s ever thought she understood. In You Carried Me, Melissa takes us through her teenage reactions, resulting in bulimia, alcohol and promiscuous behavior. But with her parents’ support and the love of God in her life, Melissa turned her energies from self-destruction to an intense search for her birth family. Every little bit of knowledge seemed to bring up a dozen more questions. And the answers found are as shocking as one could imagine.

Through her journey of searching for her birth family, Melissa finds not only forgiveness from her heart toward her birth parents, but also a sympathy that is unfathomable. Eventually, reunification not only gives solace to Melissa, but it strengthens her cause to fight for men, women and children. Melissa learns that it’s not only the unborn child whose life is forever changed with abortion – but the lives of good men and women, those who seek the elusive forgiveness, healing and resolution.

Melissa’s story of survival is one of unexpected answers. From a birth mother and birth father who were forced apart and forced to abort their baby, to extended birth family who welcome Melissa and her family. You Carried Me should be read by every human, regardless of your stand on abortion. The story itself is life-changing.

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