10 Best Photos from National Adoption Day

You'll love these heartwarming images and the stories they tell!

Michelle Barnes November 23, 2015

Yesterday our feeds were filled with beautiful photos from National Adoption Day (#natadoptionday)! It’s pure joy to see these children and the love their adoptive parents have as they’ve found their forever home. Each child has a beautiful story and you can feel it in each of these photos!

Allen Superior Court
1. Allen Superior Court

“One of a million wonderful scenes from today's observation of National Adoption Day in Allen Superior Court!”
Photo Credit: @jdmcgauley

Every Child Deserves a Loving Family
2. Every Child Deserves a Loving Family

“I cannot be more #thankful for two amazing parents and my hilarious brother, David. Every child deserves a loving family.”
Photo Credit: @dawnnoellang

3. Official

“The family is now official!”
Photo Credit: @mass_adopt

So Official
4. So Official

“It’s official!”
Photo Credit: @mass_adopt

Open Hearts
5. Open Hearts

“my parents decided to adopt a baby girl from China in 1996. #oneday my parents opened their hearts once more and adopted a little boy from Russia in 2002”
Photo Credit: @tcybarth

New Reason to Celebrate
6. New Reason to Celebrate

“my wife DeaNa and I have a new reason to celebrate adoption—our grandson, Aiden.”
Photo Credit: @repribble

Happy and Whole
7. Happy and Whole

“I'm so glad we decided to adopt 29 years ago. This has made our family happy & whole”
Photo Credit: @sue.porath

Love Makes a Family
9. Love Makes a Family

“Love Makes A Family!”
Photo Credit: @young1s

Happy National Adoption Day!
10. Happy National Adoption Day!

“Happy National Adoption Day!”
Photo Credit: @wildflowerphotog

Spiderman was Adopted
11. Spiderman was Adopted

“Very fitting considering #Spiderman was also #adopted.”
Photo Credit: @rhodescourter

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Michelle Barnes

Michelle is a mom to two beautiful children, one she gave birth to and one who was lovingly placed in her arms. She is an author, entrepreneur, maker, and baker. Adoption is her passion and she speaks at local high schools, attends panels, and does anything she can to share the beauty she's seen and experienced. Adoption gave her hope and gave her a son, she writes more about it at The Copper Collective.

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