10 #OneDayProject Pictures That Will Make You Cry

These beautiful photos come from all over the United States.

Maya Brown-Zimmerman November 26, 2015

The #OneDayProject was started by the National Adoption Day coalition. They say, “The day an adoption is finalized is one you’ll never forget. The National Adoption Day Coalition created the One Day Project to share with the thousands of waiting children and families what this “one day” feels like.” Here are some beautiful photos shared by families all over the United States!

Six Siblings and Lots of Love
1. Six Siblings and Lots of Love

"This little boy has found his forever family. After being passed between family members, he is adopted into a family of six siblings and lots of love.”

The Courtroom That Changed Our Lives
2. The Courtroom That Changed Our Lives

“21 months passed between 'love at first sight' and the day all four of us shared the same last name. Here we are, in the courtroom that changed our lives, forever.” - Instagram user altheazai.

Love No Matter What
3. Love No Matter What

“Our family motto for my husband and I and our 5 kiddos is Love no matter what, show kindness to one another and laugh, even at the small things.” - Instagram user hthrprice.

Enough Love to Last a Lifetime
4. Enough Love to Last a Lifetime

“After almost a year in foster care this sweet girl has a forever family and enough love to last a lifetime.” - Caroline.

A Part of our Forever Family
5. A Part of our Forever Family

“S was our 3rd foster care placement. We were hopeful that she would be a forever part of our family. After 15 months of waiting, we were able to adopt her in Sept. 2015." - via "Hope & Home.

Finally Final
6. Finally Final

“We have two adopted children. Our son, pictured here, and his half sister. We found out about her the very next day after his adoption. We finalized with her 1.5 years later.” - Lisa.

Family is Everything
7. Family is Everything

“This is my nephew and niece that I adopted. Family is everything. Kids bring joy and happiness to your life. Adoption rocks!” - Instagram user ddesmond79.

Praying for 2015
9. Praying for 2015

“My husband and I are proud of all the reunifications we were part of as we watched 6 of our foster kiddos happily reunite with their bio families. But we felt discouraged by not permanently growing our family, so I posted a status on Facebook in November 2014: 'I really wanted an adoption by National Adoption Day. Praying for 2015.'

In June 2015, we adopted our 2-year-old son, J. Just 5 months later, we celebrated National Adoption Day by adopting our daughters, A and A on 11/20/2015. 3 adoptions in 5 months, creating 1 big and happy family. We are humbled and blessed.” - Instagram user kchiwi.

Blessed With an Amazing Family
10. Blessed With an Amazing Family

“16 years ago my brother and I were blessed with an amazing family, a family to call our own.” - Instagram user ryderxx3.

Everyone Should Adopt at Least One Child
11. Everyone Should Adopt at Least One Child

“If it wasn't for being adopted into this loving family I would never have been able to experience and achieve the things I have to this day. There are thousands of great kids that are waiting to find their forever homes and the best life changing event to happen to them. So everyone should adopt at least one child in their lifetime. It won't only change your life but theirs!” - Instagram user andi_willow.

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