ARC Adoption Agency in England celebrated their 100th child adopted on April 24th, just one month after their 4th anniversary. Director Terry Fitzpatrick remarked on the occasion saying, “Having recently delighted in the approval of our 100th set of adopters, colleagues and I here at ARC are once again filled with great pride to announce that we have achieved another tremendous landmark of placing our 100th child with a loving and nurturing family. This occasion is certainly one to celebrate but more importantly, it really emphasizes for us the difference we have been able to make to the lives of children who have a plan of adoption and for the families who have come forward to care for them. We now look forward to finding families for many more vulnerable children who need the experience of a stable family life.”

In celebration, the child’s adoptive parents said, “Becoming parents has been everything we expected and more. We couldn’t be happier or love our son anymore. It feels like he has always been here, even through the sleepless nights and hours and hours of walking to get him off to sleep, even in the snow. The adoption process, while long and in-depth, was made easy by ARC Adoption and we have been made to feel part of a family. Our adoption journey had its ups and downs, but we were supported every step of the way.”

ARC Adoption is working diligently to increase the number of adoptive parents for the children in foster care. The idea is to encourage foster adoption in order to minimize the number of placement moves the child has to endure. ARC provides support and guidance to families, not just at the time of the adoption, but throughout the child’s life and into adulthood. They offer medical and educational advisers as well.

ARC holds informative evenings on the first Thursday of every month. For details, visit their website.