5 Adoption Moments You Should Keep Private

Ultimately, your adoption story is the child’s story to tell and no one else’s.

Sherri Eppley November 24, 2017

Social media sites have made sharing information with friends, family members, and the world so easy. I probably share far too much about my life and kids on the internet – after all, my kids are so cute and I want to share every precious, sweet, funny moment with our loved ones.

Being a foster and adoptive family, we also get asked a lot of questions about the kids and adoption from people we know and even strangers. So how do we determine what is acceptable to share and what things we should keep private? How do we find a balance between spreading awareness of adoption, helping people understand our children’s’ unique challenges and our struggles, while respecting our children’s needs, wishes, and right to privacy? In my opinion, here are just a few of the adoption moments that should be kept private.

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Sherri Eppley

Sherri Eppley is a Storyteller for adoption.com. She is a registered nurse and currently a full-time stay at home mom. Her and her husband have adopted their son and have been foster parents since 2014. She is on the steering team for her local MOPS group, attends Crossroads Church and just loves helping people anyway she can.

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