5 Heartwarming Photos of Parents and Children Meeting for the First Time

Meeting your child for the first time is an experience you'll never forget.

Meghan Rivard October 18, 2017

In adoption, there are many meetings, a lot of paperwork, and agonizing waiting times. But the moment you meet your child for the first time all that preparation is no longer significant.

My husband and I met our daughter on December 23 and it was a surreal moment when we first held her. Following are some pictures of parents meeting their children for the first time.

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So many emotions.
1. So many emotions.

My husband and I are not super emotional, but it is pretty hard to hold back your emotions when you first greet your child. Time goes by fast and they grow up quickly, but the first meeting will be forever etched in your heart. Original image found here.

Not just a picture anymore.
2. Not just a picture anymore.

For international adoptions, you usually receive pictures of your child prior to the adoption, but to actually meet them for the first time will be a heart stopping moment. It will be overwhelming and breathtaking. Original image found here.

Knowing where they came from.
3. Knowing where they came from.

The staff or workers where your child was staying before the adoption worked hard to care for them in the best possible environment they could provide. It is an important learning tool for you to see where and how they were living before coming home with you. Original image found here.

First smile.
4. First smile.

Seeing the smile for the first time makes all the waiting, the frustration, the excessive paperwork worth it. There is nothing like a baby’s smile to fill your heart. I still remember the first time we saw our daughter smile. It was almost as powerful as holding her for the first time. Original image found here.

Finally real.
5. Finally real.

In many domestic adoptions, you may have the opportunity to be at the hospital when the baby is born. In international adoptions, you will have a once in a life in a lifetime experience seeing and holding your child for the first time. None of it will feel real until you are able to hold that baby/child and take her home. Original image found here.

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Meghan Rivard

Meghan is an adoptive mother and a big advocate of adoption and foster care. She resides in Indiana with her husband, their one-year-old daughter who is the center of their lives, and their dog Max. She has a Bachelor's and Master’s Degree in Social Work. Meghan stays at home with her daughter but is so happy she found this outlet to share her personal adoption story and educate about adoption!

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