1. Mug

Consider gifting a mug  with uplifting and inspiring adoption quotes. The one shown here states, “Adoption is another word for love,” but there are other quotes and designs available too! Check them out here.

2. T-Shirt

love my family t-shirt

Anyone whose family came to them through adoption would be proud to wear this love-themed, heart-splashed T-shirt that proclaims, “Love My Family.” Choose from gray, red, or blue. Or check out this cute kid’s version.

3. “I Was Chosen” Necklace

chosen necklace

“I was adopted. I was wanted, I was chosen, I grew in their hearts, I am loved.” Jewelry is always popular around Valentine’s day, and this necklace is a beautiful gift for someone who was adopted, a reminder that they have always been loved.

4. Connecting Hearts Necklace

connecting hearts necklace

The symbolism in this necklace is understated but profound.  It would make a beautiful gift for the birth mom in your life.

5. Journal

This sturdy hardcover journal is the perfect gift for someone just starting out on their adoption journey. Use it to capture all the ups, downs, thoughts, and feelings of the adoption process as they unfold.

adoption journal

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