Who doesn’t love a reason to be celebrated? Egotistical as it may seem, Birth Mother’s Day is a special day just for us . . . even if it is unofficial. Here are the reasons that I LOVE to be celebrated on Birth Mother’s Day.

6. Validation – Like I said, it is an unofficial holiday, but I love that there is a special day set aside to celebrate women who gave birth to a child who would be raised by another. As a birth mom, this can really make you feel like you matter, and that what you did meant something.

5. Sisterhood – Every Birth Mother’s Day, I get a handful of texts and instant messages from girls who either mentored me, or who I mentored, wishing me a happy day. That one day each year, even 5 years after placement, sure brings us closer together in spirit.

4.  Exclusion becomes Inclusion – My first Mother’s Day, I didn’t know how to cope. I didn’t fit in with the mothers who were raising their children, but I didn’t fit in with the women who had yet to bear or raise children. Birth Mother’s Day gave me somewhere to place myself. I was a mother, just in a different sense.

3. Being Thought of – On Birth Mother’s Day each year, I receive a card or a phone call from my little boy and his family telling me they love me. I know that they think of me and talk about me more often than that, but the extra love that goes into such a simple gesture reminds me that I chose the perfect family.

2. Double Holidays – Now that I am married with two children I am raising, I get to be celebrated two days in a row. Definitely a bonus.

1. Reason to Reach Out – Birth Mother’s Day gives me a reason to reach out to others and let them know they are loved.

The other birth mothers in my life are busy women, each pursuing different dreams. On this one day, I can reach out and show them how much they mean to me. For me, this is the best reason for Birth Mother’s Day—an opportunity to celebrate my favorite, beautiful, strong friends. I love any reason to make someone else feel important—especially the women who don’t have the same support in their journey that I do. They need it the most. I encourage everyone to reach out this Birth Mother’s Day and let a birth mother know you love and appreciate her. It only takes a moment but can make a world of difference to a grieving heart.