6 Of The Best Quotes About Birth Mothers

A small insight into who birth mothers are...

Ellen Haws June 30, 2017

I believe there are a lot of misconceptions about birth mothers. In my opinion it is because so few of us have a personally experienced such devotion. Hopefully, these six quotes will help to give us more insight.

1. Selflessness

Few of us have faced selflessness even in the face of incredible heartache for the love of another person. And so we cannot relate in a personal way to the courage, pain, love these women experience. I think it is so important for everyone involved in an adoption to honor the heart of the mother.

2. Unselfish

I believe this truly at the root of all adoption placements. I have yet to meet a birth mother who just didn’t want to parent. Each birth mom story I have heard circles around to unselfishness. Placing her child is something she chose.

3. Heartache

Sounds simple, but it isn’t. The road to placement is long, hard, and never done fleetingly. She chooses heartache because she loves the child so much. And that is why this next quote is so profound.

4. Love

Read that without crying, I dare you. The journey of birth motherhood is impossibly hard in my eyes and yet, these warrior women do it for their children. And then they somehow magically move forward. They carry on, it is not easy, but they do it.

Never Give Up
5. Never Give Up

I love where this quote says “Never giving up.” I personally have witnessed a group of birth mother’s guide a suicidal new birth mom gently and kindly toward getting the treatment she needs. It was heartbreaking and beautiful. The strength to never give up is something I admire immensely--making this next quote my favorite.

6. Hope

Hope shines brightly for those who are willing to look. And if you look at adoption, birth parents, growing families each story overflows with feelings of hope. Hope and love are the great life rafts that keep us all moving toward making a great life for the child.

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Ellen Haws

Ellen Haws is a writer and stay-at-home momster to two boys. She is an advocate for special needs individuals and special needs adoption. She created and is administrator of a thriving Facebook group that promotes and hosts events for special needs individuals and their families in Arizona. Once her hausfrau duties are finished, Ellen can be found creating sarcastic cross stitch art for her loved ones.

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