6 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Birth Families

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to let your child’s birth family know how much you love them!

Shelley Skuster February 02, 2016

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to let your child’s birth family know how much you love them. These six easy Valentine’s Day crafts are fun to do with your child and are packed full of love–with a personal touch.

BEE My Valentine
1. BEE My Valentine

Paint your child’s foot yellow to create a footprint for a bumblebee. It’s a cute way to send his/her birth family some love on Valentine’s Day!

Love BUG
2. Love BUG

Make your child’s footprint into a ladybug. Not only is it fun for your child to watch his/her foot transform into a ladybug, his/her birth family will likely enjoy seeing how big your child’s foot is growing, too!

"Thumb-body" Loves You
3. "Thumb-body" Loves You

This could be one of the easiest crafts to do with your child because it only involves a couple of thumbprints! If your child is old enough, allow him/her to personalize it with a sweet note or caption.

"Love You" Handprint
4. "Love You" Handprint

Handprint crafts are great for children – what child doesn’t like getting messy?! If your child enjoys writing, allow him/her to incorporate a personalized message onto this craft. Even if it’s not perfect penmanship, you may consider having your child write the letters to show off his/her skillset.

"Love You" Footprint
5. "Love You" Footprint

Hearts made out of footprints are ideal for babies or toddlers with smaller feet, as larger feet can take up a whole sheet of paper. Another quote to incorporate around a heart made out of footprints: “I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes!”

Life-Size Hug From Afar
6. Life-Size Hug From Afar

Have your child pick out two of their favorite colors to paint their handprints. Measure the length between your child’s arms and attach a strip of paper folded like an accordion for a life-size hug to his/her birth family this Valentine’s Day.

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