7 Adoption Grants You Need To Apply For NOW

The adoption of our son was made possible through the blessing of adoption grants.

Natalie Brenner November 09, 2017

We were officially home study ready for not even four months when a baby boy was born and needed a home. It was an already broken and mess of a situation, but we didn’t feel we could be available due to the high amount of adoption fees.

“My heart raced, I showed Loren, and he barely looked at the screen. He saw the high fees and moved on. Our bank account had about $7,000, we had a grant for $7,500 waiting for us, and that was about it. $14,500.” —Financing Adoption with Fundraising, free here!

The adoption, attorney, and hospital fees amounted to more than our annual salary at the time.

If anyone understands the absolute need for financial assistant for domestic infant (or international) adoption, it’s me.

I am humbled to say that little boy became our son and we are privileged to say we had the aid of three different grants. We applied to more than ten grants, and received three after we were matched and placed with our son.

(Looking for a way to support adoption? Support one of these grants!)

Here are seven adoption grants you need to apply for NOW:

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Natalie Brenner

Natalie Brenner is wife to Loren and mom to two under two, living in Portland, Oregon. She is the best-selling author of This Undeserved Life. She likes her wine red, ice cream served by the pint, and conversations vulnerable. Natalie believes in the impossible and hopes to create safe spaces for every fractured soul. She's addicted to honesty and believes grief is the avenue to wholeness. Natalie is a bookworm, a speaker, and a lover of fall. Connect with her at NatalieBrennerWrites.com and join her email community.

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