8 Creative Adoption Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising doesn't have to be drudgery!

Kelly Meldrum March 10, 2016

Adoption can be costly and fundraising is a great way to engage your family and friends, do something you enjoy, and lessen the financial burden.

Before you get started, here are some tips from the experts:

1. Ask for help. Involving your friends, family, neighbors, or church will help them become more invested in your adoption journey.

2. People are more willing to give their time than their money. Ask for volunteer time from your family and friends and sell to your neighbors and community.

3. Sell a product, service, or chance to win. When people give to individuals/families (rather than established charities), they want to feel like they got something in exchange. The givers walk away with an item in their hands and they feel good about helping.

4. Reduce your workload. Ask for discounts and donations from businesses or partner with them so everyone benefits.

5. Choose a fundraiser that you will enjoy. It shouldn’t feel like a second job, but a fun way to make some money and spend time with people you love.

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Kelly Meldrum

Kelly Meldrum is a storyteller, editor, reader, annoying food orderer, excellent tipper, wife and mom, em dash abuser, theater geek, Jesus freak, and foster care/mental health advocate. You can find her spending far too much time on Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress.

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