8 Fun Family Activities To Invite Birth Families To

Here some ideas to enjoy with your family and child's birth family!

Maya Brown-Zimmerman October 25, 2016

Fall is one of my favorite times of year, just due to the sheer number of fun activities to participate in! As you’re planning your autumn outings, don’t forget to include your child’s birth family if possible. Check out these suggestions for fun to have with your child’s birth family, and tell us your favorites in the comments!

Vist a pumpkin patch!
1. Vist a pumpkin patch!

Is anything cuter than a little kid surrounded by pumpkins? No, there is not! Then, you can carve or decorate them afterwards.

Pick fruit together!
2. Pick fruit together!

Pick apples or another fall fruit, like raspberries. You can sneak a sweet snack while you work and chat!

Have dinner together!
3. Have dinner together!

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and keeping it casual will help the conversation flow. Consider serving comfort foods, or maybe ask everyone to bring a favorite childhood dish to share.

Tackle a corn maze!
4. Tackle a corn maze!

There’s something about cooperating to solve a challenge that brings people together.

Hit up a high school football game!
5. Hit up a high school football game!

Nothing beats crisp air, some hot coco, and the dulcet tones of the marching band! This is a great chance to socialize with your child's birth family.

Dress up in Halloween Costumes for a party!
6. Dress up in Halloween Costumes for a party!

Get dressed up for a local Halloween event, like Boo at the Zoo or a Trunk or Treat. Bonus points if you coordinate costumes! This is one of my family’s favorite fall traditions.

Make fall treats!
7. Make fall treats!

Spend some quality time in the kitchen baking pies or bread, or decorating candy apples. This is particularly easy if you just went fruit picking!

Go for a hike!
9. Go for a hike!

Go for a hike and, if you’re somewhere where the leaves change, collect some favorites for a craft. The great outdoors also makes a beautiful backdrop for some impromptu family photos!

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Maya Brown-Zimmerman

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