Have you ever received a gift that was not just an ordinary gift? It is completely priceless and has always stayed with you. I have. One year, when I was a child, my mom gave me a framed poem for Christmas. I always kept it in my room on my dresser where I could read it growing up. To this day, over 25 years later, it sits on my dresser. It goes as follows:


“Oh Mother” the child cried,

Tears flooding precious cheeks.

“They said if you were adopted your mother is not

your real mother.” Then pleading,

“Please tell me the story again.”

Nestled in loving arms,

Secure from the hurt of unknowing friends,

The words fell from trembling lips.

To the hungry little ears.

“Oh, child how I wanted to be your birth mother

I could not.

But I know you were there, somewhere.

We prayed, your daddy and I,

And God guided us to you.

There you were a beautiful baby–my baby.

I held you close and promised to love you.

Teach you, to keep you from harm, from distress.

And here I am-

Your birth mother? No.

Your real mother? Yes.

By: Joy Saunders Lundberg

I will never know what inspired my mom to give that poem to me for Christmas that year, but I do know that I am thankful she did. It is one of the most treasured gifts that I have ever received. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of my mother and the love she has for me, even though we are living far apart from each other now.

My birth mother, no. But my real mother, she most certainly is.

My parents adopted me when I was 6 months old. I grew up always knowing that I was adopted. I was chosen. I was special. My family showed me nothing but love. My dear mother always answered my questions the best she could. I had a closed adoption, and she shared everything she knew about my birth parents with me over and over again. My mom became my best friend when I got pregnant at 21 and choose to place Tally for adoption. She stood by me. Cried with me. Held me. Most of all, she loved me. She did everything except give birth to me. My birth mother gave me all that she could at the young age of 18. She gave me my life. I have been blessed to have more than one amazing woman in my life. They are real mothers. Both have given me many gifts in this life.

My birth mother and I on my wedding day.

The gift of adoption is one of many.

Leave a comment below on some priceless treasured gifts you have received in your life.