Matt Ricketts is very proud to be an adoptee. He and his wife, Mandy, are the adoptive parents of two wonderful children. As Matt says, “Adoption is a non-issue.” But even though it doesn’t matter to Matt and Mandy that their family was created through adoption, they both hope that their children will be as proud to be adoptees as Matt is!

Matt and Mandy found out early in their marriage that it was unlikely that they would ever have biological children. It wasn’t as devastating for them as it is for some couples. With Matt being an adoptee himself, it was just natural that they would turn to adoption to create their family.

Mandy said she hardly ever thinks about adoption. Her family is her family. Period. But Matt? He thinks about it nearly every day. He is absolutely thrilled that his children are adopted, just as he is. Matt is adopted and proud of it!