Pennsylvanian Erik Trasciatti, age 11, remembers being three years old and wondering why Santa forgot him. He and his sisters lived in foster care for a few years, experiencing sparse Christmases. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania’s Times Leader met up with the Trasciattis. Michelle and Gino, Erik’s adoptive parents, shared an article Erik wrote for his school paper:  “I used to wonder why Santa didn’t bring gifts to me and my sisters.”

After their first Christmas in their adoptive home, Erik asked his parents why Santa didn’t bring so many gifts to kids in foster care. His parents explained that Santa may not have known where to find them because they moved around so much. But now, after some abundant, joyous Christmases, Erik and his sisters have decided that they will ask for only five gifts. The rest they will distribute to children in foster care.

The Trasciattis donated several bags of new toys to the Toys for Tots campaign. Erik isn’t willing to wait for next Christmas. He’s now preparing to collect food for the hungry and is dedicated to a lifetime of helping the less fortunate.

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