Naomi, 9, and Nathan, 10, are siblings from Taiwan eagerly waiting for a loving family with a current home study to host them this summer through Gladney’s Taiwan Hosting Program. Nathan loves arts and crafts, playing with toys, and listening to music. He’s outgoing and friendly. Naomi enjoys listening to stories, playing games, and running. Initially shy, she becomes friendly once she builds trust. Both children receive specialized support to help them thrive academically and socially. Hosting these siblings offers a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in their lives.

The Taiwan Hosting Program

Gladney’s Taiwan Hosting Program provides older children from Taiwan with the opportunity to experience family life in the United States for a few weeks during the summer. This program not only enriches the children’s lives but also gives them a chance to practice English and immerse themselves in American culture. For host families, it’s a chance to positively impact a child’s life and potentially consider adoption.

About the Gladney Center for Adoption

The Gladney Center for Adoption, established in 1887, is a respected adoption agency committed to connecting children with forever families. Offering services like counseling, education, and post-adoption support, Gladney focuses on the well-being of children and families. Their international adoption programs address the needs of older children and those with special needs.

Sibling Group Adoption

Adopting sibling groups, especially internationally, is crucial for maintaining family bonds and providing stability. Siblings often share deep emotional connections that help them adapt to new environments more easily. Keeping siblings together minimizes trauma and enhances their sense of security and belonging. Families who adopt siblings like Naomi and Nathan not only preserve these vital connections but also offer a nurturing environment where both children can grow and thrive.

  • Emotional Support: Siblings provide each other with mutual emotional support, easing the transition into a new home.
  • Preserving Bonds: Keeping siblings together preserves their unique bond and shared history.
  • Easier Adjustment: Sibling groups often adapt more easily to new environments when they have each other.
  • Enriching Experience: Adopting siblings can be a rewarding and enriching experience for the whole family.

The Importance of International Adoption

International adoption is vital in providing homes for children who might otherwise remain in institutional care. It allows children to grow up in loving families, receive an education, and access essential medical care. Hosting programs often serve as a first step in the adoption process allowing both the children and families to bond and see if they are a good fit for permanent adoption.

Hosting siblings like Naomi and Nathan can be a transformative experience. It provides them with a nurturing environment and offers the family a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact. If you are interested in hosting or adopting, the Gladney Center for Adoption provides the necessary support and resources to guide you through the process.

For more detailed information about Naomi and Nathan and the Taiwan Hosting Program, you can read the full updates and learn more about their journey:

Your participation or support in the hosting program could change the lives of these siblings forever. Consider helping find a family for Naomi and Nathan this summer.