What is the best way to make an impact? With any topic of interest in our society, it is beneficial when a group of people comes together. Not only does it show solidarity and strength for the topic at hand, but it can be used as a valuable tool for sharing ideas. Taking the initiative to meet is a great first step needed to make a difference in any area of society.

One area that seems to receive more negative publicity is adoption and foster care. With the current opioid crisis, the foster care system across the United States is not able to adequately provide for the number of children coming into care.

The National Review Institute, headed by Kathryn Jean Lopez, is hosting a foster care forum in Washington D.C. on Thursday, May 24. The event is scheduled directly after the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast at the same location so people coming from out of town can go directly from the breakfast to the forum.

Kathryn and the National Review Institute realize that not everyone is called to adoption or foster care. But, everyone is called to make an impact, help, and advocate in some capacity. This forum will address the current issues, current needs, and provide beneficial resources for people to advocate for their own communities.

This forum will be held at the Marriot Marquis Hotel and will feature many speakers including Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City. Additional details and how to register for the forum can be found here.

Kathryn states that anyone is welcome to attend: adoptive families, foster care families, anyone interested in adopting or foster care or even people who have never thought about it but want to learn about how to make a positive impact.

Kathryn stated it beautifully in her article: “I’m struck by how grateful people who work in these fields are when we pay attention. Let’s pay attention and do something.”