Adoption Day Montages

Video montages of adoption always warm my heart.

Erin Bohn December 20, 2014

I love adoption. I think most adoptive parents do. Of course we don’t love the painful history that many of our children have suffered through. The fact that for a child adoption can mean loosing their country, or community, or friends, or birth family is heartbreaking. But I love the fact that in spite of the inevitable loss, a family is able to be created.

Whenever I’m feeling a bit sad about the world, I do a video search using the terms “adoption day montage.” The results always warm my heart. I’ve never met most of the families in the videos. I don’t know their names or where they’re from. I don’t know the struggles they endured that likely took years and finally culminated in one single day. But I don’t need to know those things to see love, to feel happiness, and to know that somewhere out there a beautiful new family has been formed.

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Erin Bohn

Erin Bohn is the mother of three through birth and foster care adoption. She can most often be found working (in post production), eating (chocolate), or chauffeuring small people around in her minivan. Check out more about her family at No Bohns About It.

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