Being a New Jersey native, what I am about to write may be controversial and disturbing to some readers. Viewer discretion is advised. It may be hard for some to trust what I have to say, but I can assure you this is nothing more than an informative article filled with the most genuine of intentions. I, a proud New Jersian, will be writing about adoption in New York (NY). I know, insane. The silent “feud” between the two states has been around for years, each believing they surpass the other. And while that is true for New Jersey, this is not about them.

All hysterics aside, this article is aimed at those wishing to place a child for adoption in NY or those wishing to adopt in New York, both domestically and internationally. This article will highlight the multitude of sources available on to help with these situations. Let us begin by discussing those wishing to place their child up for adoption in NY. For those pregnant mothers to be that are considering adoption for their child, it is imperative to fully decide on the idea. If there is any uncertainty or hesitation, logging on to is definitely an informative option. One specific link to explore further would be this guide. This article written by Haley Kirkpatrick explains and details all the questions you may have and provides the answers you may need in solidifying your decision to place your child for adoption. If after reading that article, and potentially more, you are certain in your decision, you then have to discover which agencies and providers will help you based on your location.

If you follow this link, the link will bring you to a list of providers for adoption in NY. This will also prompt you to click on the provider’s page for both expecting mothers and those wanting to adopt in New York and what services they can provide you with. If you are also curious about what families are out there waiting to adopt, you can always explore Parent Profiles. Here, you will be provided with numerous profiles of all of those families longing to expand their family through love. It also displays which state the prospective couple or family is from, allowing those focused on adoption in NY to target that specific state.

If you are a hopeful parent, couple, or family considering adoption in NY, this section is for you. Even if you have adopted previously, prioritizing time to fully read and digest the How to Adopt a Child Guide is definitely a smart decision. This guide written by Sandra Benointon perfectly outlines all of the necessary steps that should be reviewed and checked off. And that speaks true to adoption in NY, but also adoption in every state as well as internationally. Now, if you are a New Yorker, and you are wanting to adopt, this link is the place for you. After clicking on the link, you will be brought to the general site for adoption in NY. This page will list things including the age, mental condition, and marital status necessary of potential parents to be. It also outlines the adoption regulations in New York, any potential adoption assistance available, and the state contacts should there be any questions in need of answering.

Also on the general page is a list of tabs that can lead you in multiple directions, each explaining something new and pertinent toward adoption in NY. But, you need not worry. I will provide all the links needed so you can easily get to where you need to be. Written by Susan Kuligowksi, the guide to New York adoption maybe your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about how adoption works in NY. She outlines everything, from the age you need to be to adopt to the potential of adopting if you have a criminal record. She covers it all. She also offers a plethora of other links and sources to explore further about a particular part of the process she is explaining. If Kuligowski’s guide still left you wanting more information about the logistics of the process and just more overall specifics about it, this link is absolutely worth clicking on. It will give you answers to any logistics questions you may have. This page also displays the information right underneath the topics listed, so there is no need to navigate away from the page or be transferred to multiple new pages. Everything is in one, cohesive platform with simplified access to the information you need.

While all of this is more than enough information related to adoption in NY, some people are unsure of where to go in regards to an adoption agency to instigate the process. Similar to those expecting a child, prospective parents can also take advantage of the directory with sources and connections to any agencies that will be useful for them. Here, those future parents can investigate and ultimately decide on which agency they think will be the most beneficial to what they are hoping to achieve through adoption. Now, although these articles and guides are plenty and may answer some, if not all, burning questions you may have about adoption in NY, sometimes there is a personal element missing. Although has writers affected by adoption in some manner, reading each properly sentenced post may be too formal. That is where the forum comes in. The forum is purely that: a place for anyone and everyone with any question to ask it freely and be rewarded with answers from other people. Actual people. For people who have gone through the adoption process or who are going through it simultaneously with you, there is someone there to offer assistance. The forum page can be about any topic you wish to research. The one I have provided is specifically for those experiencing adoption in NY, but it is not limited to that. Even as a prospective parent, you can pose any question you have for a response.

Adoption and community are words that, if not already, should be synonymous with each other. There is already a connection between adoptees that needs no explanation. There is an immediate understanding that others outside the community may wish to comprehend but cannot fully experience. That is what the forum is for. It is a strengthening tool for that bond between adoptees, those who adopt, and parents brave enough to place their child for adoption. It bonds a community.

As I sit here with my iced coffee (pronounced exactly as you are imagining), I hope this was a useful piece of writing to those in my sister state of New York. really does hold some of the most useful and pertinent information on the Internet regarding adoption. It also holds some of the most genuine and honest information as well. Personal testimonies of love, joy, heartache, tragedy, etcetera, can all be found on As aforementioned, this is a community. As part of this community, I hope I was able to impart some wisdom and assistance to those considering adoption in NY. I hope the information I have provided is what you were looking for and wish to explore. I hope I was able to convey the plethora of information in an easily understandable way with little complication so that you can further your adventure and begin the journey toward your forever family.

However, there is one thing in particular that I hope for you. I hope that you use this article as a tool. I hope you cultivate every ounce of intrigue and desire within yourself and take advantage of the opportunity that lies in front of your eyes. I hope you use this as a tool for change, gathering every speck of information you can to impact the life of a child waiting to be adopted. New York and dreams are often linked together as the state is often the home in which dreams are birthed and also achieved. I hope this article acts as the impetus you need to help you get started on your journey towards adopting a child.

I also hope that this article acts as a sense of comfort for those expectant mothers deciding to place their child for adoption. New York is a state unlike any other, in sheer mass, but also attitude. Your child will do well there. I hope you were granted a sense of peace reading all the options and sources available to you in your state. I also hope this article ignites a fire to learn more and more about adoption and the benefits it will have for your child.

For any other information, you still may need to gather or for any extra exploring you wish to do, is your go-to destination. Take advantage of that luxury you now have. Explore. Ask. Listen. Adopt.




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