Jon and Rachel Oren from Anderson, Indiana are one of the many families affected by the Ethiopian adoption suspension. The couple has three biological children and one girl previously adopted internationally. When they met their three-year-old son, Geneve, they instantly knew they were a match. Now they have reached the end of a two-year adoption process only to be told they can’t take their legally adopted son home. While they were on the flight to Ethiopia, excited to complete their family, the government was on the ground suspending all international adoption indefinitely. The couple was devastated to hear that even thought the adoption was legal and finalized, Geneve was unable to go with them. His visa application has been denied until the ban is lifted. He has been communicating with his family for two years via video calls, and he is ready to go home.

Over 100 members of Congress have written letters to the prime minister on behalf of families like the Orens. Senator Todd Young is fighting for Geneve. He has been in contact with Ethiopian officials, and while he is “encouraged” by their talks, the Orens are still unale to bring their son home.