Voted by members of Team USA to carry the American Flag at the Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony, Simone Biles bore the symbol of her nation with pride. Amid numerous stops to pose with the world’s top athletes for selfies, Simone handled the massive flag with the winds blowing as she flashed her now-famous smile.

At just 19 years old, Simone Biles is considered by some to be the greatest gymnast of all time, having earned 5 medals (4 gold and 1 bronze) at her first-ever Olympic games. Simone has captured the heart of millions, especially those in the adoption community. Adopted at age 5 (along with her sister, who was 2) by her maternal grandparents, Simone attributes much of her success to her mom and dad, who encouraged her and offered opportunities for her to pursue her dream.

Despite the disturbance caused by NBC reporter Al Trautwig when he refused to recognize Ron and Nellie Biles as Simone’s parents, all who have followed Simone’s exponential career crescendo have praised the family for instilling in their children great dedication, support, and passion for life.

And now, after what must have been an exhausting but exhilarating adventure in Rio, the adoption community shouts CONGRATULATIONS and a heartfelt THANK YOU to Simone Biles for being full of confidence, skill, and grace.  We’re proud of you, Simone!