What I Learned about Adoptive Parenting from ‘Anne of Green Gables’

There are a lot of lessons to be learned about adoptive parenting from the classic novel 'Anne of Green Gables.' Here are a few things I learned.

Rebekah Yahoves June 30, 2018

As an artless preteen, I could not get enough of Anne Shirley. Whimsical, misunderstood, and carelessly beautiful, she was the perfect icon for a girl dreaming of success in love and academia. After I adopted my kids, I watched the movie with my daughter and discovered a newfound admiration for Anne’s adoptive mother, Marilla Cuthbert. Sensible and stubborn, she brought up her child with grace and integrity, knowing all the while that she would not be the one accepting praise for the outcome. Here are some great lessons I gleaned from her parenting style:

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Rebekah Yahoves

Rebekah Yahoves is a writer, mother, and music teacher from Long Island. In 2016, she adopted three school-aged siblings from Poland at the same time. When she isn't constructing casseroles or tuning violins, Rebekah likes to go on tea binges and read.

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