Lori and Craig Gertz adopted little Ellie, born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Her parents didn’t know what was causing her rages and lack of attachment until age 3, when she was diagnosed. At 6 years old, Ellie started putting herself in danger–-running into oncoming traffic and other incidences. And so, for Ellie’s best care, the Gertz parents needed to make some tough choices.

Eventually, the family made a painful decision. They made the difficult choice to place her with guardian parents so she could receive much-needed care. Insurance started rejecting medical claims. False filings against the parents over abuse that didn’t happen caused them concern that their other children could be taken away. These factors helped in making the decision to place Ellie with foster parents who are specially trained to help children like her.

Ellie’s parents share their message in the hopes that more pregnant women will see the importance of complete abstinence from alcohol.