When a hopeful adoptive parent chooses to use an adoption agency to facilitate their adoption, there is generally a one-time fee, regardless of how much or how little time is spent on the adoption. It’s important to note that when you choose an adoption agency, you are simply paying for the service, not “buying a child.” There are fees that are required for paperwork, but there are also a plethora of professionals who work on your case and need to be paid. Those individuals include social workers, office staff, and legal staff. Additionally, medical, living, and legal expenses for the expectant mother may be paid for as well. Using an agency is a “one stop shop,” as opposed to private adoption, which requires that you seek out legal support, education, and counseling in separate venues. In a private adoption, the hopeful parent must seek out and pay individual professionals to bring to pass the successful adoption.  There is a safety net with an agency, even though it’s usually more expensive than a private adoption.