Although their story is uniquely theirs, Kristin and Eric’s experience is an example of the beauty of adoption. As a friend and coworker, I had a front-row seat to watching the beauty of their story unfold. Through diagnosis, infertility treatment, and the decision to adopt, Kristin’s calling as a mother was apparent. She labored over every detail of their adoption profile and ached to have a child placed in her arms. After one amazing phone call, their lives were changed forever. Not one, but two beautiful boys were added to their family and the adoption was finalized just before Christmas. Here is a piece of their story.

Amy: What led to your decision to adopt?

Kristin: When my husband, Eric, and I got married, we thought we had our entire life planned out. We’d take a couple of years to ourselves as a married couple to work hard, travel, and get to get to know each other. Then we’d start a family after that. After 5 years of marriage, we had accomplished many of our goals—except for one. We tried for 2 years to have children on our own and through fertility treatments. Every month it was always the same disappointing results: negative pregnancy tests.

In the fall of 2014, we were about to undergo another round of fertility treatment when I sat down with Eric and explained to him that I just didn’t think I could bear another letdown. I asked him if we could explore other avenues like fostering children or adoption. Eric was very supportive and onboard 100% to look further into these options. One thing was for certain, we wanted to expand our family and fill our lives with loving children. We soon decided adoption was for us and met with our agency in December of 2014.

Amy: What was your expectation for the adoption wait?

Kristin: We had no idea what to expect. We did not know anyone that had ever been through this process. We were told by the agency after all the paperwork and legalities were done, it could be anywhere from 2 days to 2 years to bring home a child. Two years sure did seem like a very long time, but we remained positive. We felt like new hope had been restored in us.

Amy: Tell us about the phone call you received. What were your thoughts? How did you discuss it with your husband?


Kristin: We finally turned in the last of the items required by the agency the week of October 12th, 2015. However, because of the networking I had done on my own in the community, I received a phone call from a pediatrician on October 18th that there were twin boys born on October 16th that needed a loving family. I jumped out of bed and could hardly focus on what I was supposed to do next. just stood there shaking. Eric was at the farm working, as he always does on his days off from the fire dept. I called him crying, laughing, and screeching all at the Kristin and Ericsame time with the good news. We could not get to the hospital fast enough and literally picked out names during the 5-minute drive from our house to the hospital! The pediatrician asked us to have names for them so they could stop calling them baby A and B.

Our very large family and friends all came to the hospital that day as well, crying and laughing with us. It was just such a shock to all of us since this was so sudden. One day we were Kristin and Eric, and literally the next day, we were Kristin, Eric, Evan, and Dylan. Our family and friends are our biggest supporters and have been through all the ups and downs with us. Everyone immediately sprung into action to help get our house and lives prepared for our two little miracles while we stayed at the hospital caring for them.

Amy: What is your favorite part of your adoption story? 

Kristin: I have many favorite parts of this story, from the first time I saw them and how filled with love I was, to the gratitude I have for the birth mother and birth father, our friends and family, and their pediatrician. Most of all, though, my favorite thing was seeing the look on my husband’s face when he first laid eyes on them. I will never forget the emotion he wore on his sleeve. I just knew this was the happiest day of his life. I just felt complete and knew this was God’s plan for us all along.

We took the boys home on October 25th and finalization was on December 21st.

Amy: Now that your adoption is finalized, what advice would you give to others who are hoping to adopt?

Kristin: This has been the most incredible, amazing, and inspiring experience of my life, and I would encourage all those hoping to adopt to never give up on their dreams. Don’t be afraid to leap of faith. No matter what the reason anyone chooses to adopt, there is a child out there that is meant to be with you. One day they will find their way home and into your arms.

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Waiting times, miles traveled, and highs and lows are experienced in different ways by adoptive families. But when families are built, every obstacle is worth it. I offer my gratitude to men and women who find the courage to place a child into a family like this. These experiences change the lives of all involved, for generations. I am thankful that I have been able to see beautiful experiences as they unfold. Thank you, Kristin and Eric,  for sharing your story.




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