Andrea Klug-Napier, 31, will be joining her family in Cincinnati to watch her reunion story unfold on television. Andrea’s biological mother gave birth to her in the hospital under a fake name. Shortly after her birth, she was abandoned.

With the help of social media and the staff at 20/20, Andrea finally has some answers. She has been unable to share her story with others because of the non-disclosure agreement she signed with the show. However, her adoptive mom, Beverly Klug, ensures the episode will have some “twists and turns” as well as a “happy ending.”

Klug and her late husband, Joseph Napier, experienced multiple miscarriages which led them to adoption. In 1987 the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare only had one baby available for adoption, Andrea. The couple had shown so much excitement to adopt her that their colleagues at Idaho State University hosted a celebration with cakes and banners for her homecoming.

Andrea was always aware that she was adopted, and her family regularly prayed for her birth family. She was always told that her adoption was a result of her birth mother’s love for her. Each year she not only celebrated her birthday, April 30, but also her “Gotcha Day,” June 19.

When Andrea was 15, she visited the place she was born, Kootenai Hospital, to look for answers. She found none. “We knew nothing about the birth family at all,” Klug said. “Usually there’s a little bit of history that’s given, but there was no way we could get that information.”

In 2015 Andrea decided to actively pursue a search for her birth family and seek out information about her medical history. The desire had grown from diagnosis of food allergies. She made a specific Facebook account dedicated to her search and asked family and friends to share a post pleading for information about a woman who had used the name “Amy Beach” and claimed to be from San Diego. The post went viral and 20/20 called to offer help.

Watch the rest of the story tonight on ABC at 10/9c.