Avery’s Story

A young couple adopts Avery from China

Jessalynn Speight August 24, 2014

China’s adoption process is one of the hardest to get through. They require a great amount more paperwork than other countries. You also have a longer waiting time in-country to get approved.

At minute 2, you see the mother a little frustrated. She saw her baby walk by but wasn’t able to see her. The anxiety was overwhelming. When she was finally able to hold her daughter, all the tension falls away.

I love all the beautiful, tender moments in hotel this family filmed. Those were all the first bonding moments with Avery, so they were obviously very important to them. After so much waiting and processing to be matched with her, they got to bond with her at last.

They finally bring Avery home to meet her siblings, and they welcome her with open hearts and arms. How could they not love her with that big gorgeous smile?

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Jessalynn Speight

Jessalynn Bills Speight placed for adoption 5.5 years ago. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She placed her in the arms of an incredible family and share a wonderful open adoption. When her birth daughter was 6 months old she started a blog called www.Birthmothers4Adoption.com, 2 years later she got married to a stud muffin. She now has two kids and 2 fur babies. She resides in good ol' Utah. She started hosting retreats for adoptive couples and has now moved on to hosting birth mother retreats as well. She has presented at conferences and taught classes at women's retreats. She recently had an article in Cosmopolitan, was featured on Fox National News, The Kelly File, and several local news channels. She's helped film a documentary about adoption, a video called the Agape Project, and has blogged for many other websites and online magazines. She is an avid foodie and enjoys cooking, traveling, rescuing animals, learning about holistic healing, history, and photography.

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