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Being Thankful

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I give thanks for the miracle of sight-
To see my biological family.
The beauty they have bestowed upon me.
Like the rainbow in the sky,
Full of many colours.
Or the sunset that casts its vibrant glow across the sky.
The light that they illuminate.
The beauty I have seen within.
Thank You Lord !

I give thanks for hearing-
For being able to hear the words that they have told,
The knowledge and truth of my bodily existence.
The stories of their lives, they share with me.
For me to listen and learn,
Not just about them, but about LIFE.
I hear and I learn more of Gods LOVE !
Thank You again !

I give thanks for the sense of touch-
To know that they are tangible,
Not just an illusion within my mind.
Even though at times I feel as though; Im in a dream.
So to know that this is real –
I Give Thanks !

Thanks for the sense of smell-
A new awareness of belonging.
A form of familiarity.
Like powder on a baby,
Only a Mother knows its scent.
God understands Thank You !

For this awakening of my senses.
I give THANKS.
An awareness of a different sorts.
Beyond words that I can ever describe.
Only God knows for sure –
My true feelings deep within.
To Him I give Thanks !!

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