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I’m Wishing You

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They say you loved me (you could have loved me)
But you left me
At the end of everyday
My heart only sees it that way
And it cries me to sleep and I
Lived for years with that lullaby

And now that I’m grown
And known as my own
I’m still wondering
And reflecting on you

I’m wishing you
Think back to me too
Hope we’ll meet each other soon
And find the words to say
I’m wishing you
Are out there somewhere
Pray you’re wanting to see me
And smile at me one day

And oh how I’ve wondered
What my life could have been
If you left me in
My natural place
Instead of allowing me to grow
Never knowing your face

Oh true mother (and father) of those few days
I’m still here
I still breathe
And I’m wishing you still

Been wishing since I was a small child
Wishing so hard
For you to come to me
Same whispers still exist today
I’m still wishing you
I am wishing

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